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Post  World_History_Duke12 on Mon Dec 13, 2010 2:40 pm

Hello members this is the following levels of how much post you have. Smile

Fresh Academic Student------------------------- 0
Chieflord of Greeker-Moose-------------------- 20
Gobble-Rome Member------------------------ 45
The Friend of Global History------------------- 102
Historian------------------------------------ 240
The Historylord---------------------------- 306
World-History Citizen---------------------- 400
Scholar------------------------------------ 597
World Historian - Archivist--------------------- 687
Greeker-Lecturer----------------------------- 777
Golan & Imbarligator------------------------- 845
Epicurean------------------------------------- 970
Prince of the Faithful------------------------ 1,045
World History Emancipation Lord------------- 2,032
Contrarian------------------------------- 3,020
World Global Emperor----------------------- 4,001
The World High Priest and Friend------------------- 5,099 and UP
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